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Gold Rush America has many ways to earn income
from buying and selling old gold.

Profit now from selling your old gold.
Sell us your old, broken or unused gold, silver or platinum. Send us your gold via a trusted courier service and we will call you with an offer to buy your old gold. It is that easy! You have no pressure to sell to us.
Profit more from hosting a gold party.
It is easy to profit even more by hosting your own gold party. We have gold testing technicians in all areas of the country from Florida to New York to California. Invite everyone you know to gather their old and unwanted jewelry and attend a fun gold buying get together. You will earn a percentage from all the precious metals that were purchased at your event.
Profit often from earning from others gold parties.
Now is the perfect time to get involved in the gold market. With the downturn of the economy and with gold at all time highs you are at the right place at the right time. The media has been promoting gold and the gold market for years now. Gold is hot. Join our team and earn income from your friends, family and colleague’s gold parties. Catch the modern age Gold Rush now. Contact us now.

"I was expecting a couple hundred dollars and I
earned $1,060! I am going shopping." -Anne
"We hosted a gold party, it was a good time and
everyone walked out with money including us just for
having our friends and family over." - Tom and Sue